How To Flirt With A Shy Guy?

Shy guys have a kind of appeal that is hard to resist. Just imagine a mysterious guy who simply looks at you from the corner of a room when all the others are trying their best to impress you! His reserved nature, his hesitancy, his shyness – all these add up to his unique appeal which women find very sexy. However, there is one small hitch. Even if you like the guy a lot, he might take ages to actually ask you out! Now, you do not want to wait for years to know him or to go out with him, right? Solution? Flirt with him and let him know in subtle ways that you like him. This will give him confidence to ask you out on a date. Scroll down for some useful tips on flirting with shy men…

Tips on How to Flirt With a Shy Guy

Read the Signs
Before moving on to know how to flirt with a guy who is shy, it would do you good if you can read certain signals that tell that he too is interested in you. For instance, if a shy guy likes a girl, he will be all nervous around her. When the girl he likes, talks, he will give her his full attention and listen to each and every word that comes out of her mouth. He will stare at the girl and as soon as she catches him, he will look away and may even seem a bit embarrassed. So, if you see the shy guy you like acting the same way, then most probably he is already smitten by you! It’s just that he needs some kind of assurance from your side that you like him as well, so that he can make a move. You may read more on how to tell if a shy guy likes you.

Smile and Talk
Every time you look at the shy guy you like, smile! Although, there is a great possibility that he might look away when you look at him, yet whenever your eyes meet, give him a big, warm smile. Say ‘hi’ and make some small talk. If you are in the same class, you can talk about some assignment. If you are in the same office, talk about your colleagues or work. Simply find a common topic and talk. Shy guys generally have a problem starting a conversation but if you initiate it, they can carry on really well!

Be Kind and Girly
Most of the shy guys are sensitive by nature. So, in order to make him feel comfortable around you, be friendly and nice to him. Show him your caring side by being kind to people around you. For instance, if there is a pet around, pat his back and say things like “so sweet” or “so cute”. If there are small children around, touch their cheeks and say the same things. By being all girly, you will make the shy guy feel masculine and confident. He will like it a lot and may feel confident in due course of time to ask you out!

Look and Smell Great
Guys are visual creatures so to get him to like you, dress up well. Wear a perfume and smell good. More than anything else, at least initially, it is a woman’s looks that attract a man. So, look your best every time you are around him!

Give Compliments
Compliments work with all kinds of guys, whether shy or confident. So, tell him how the shirt he is wearing is looking great on him or tell him that you like his voice! Sound very genuine when you give compliments. He will love all the attention that you give him!

Be Intelligent
A smart, intelligent and good looking woman is a big turn on for any guy. So, always act level headed around him. Do not over do it though! Don’t brag about your intelligence, nether act silly and stupid. Take the middle path and he will like you more!

Act Mysterious and Outgoing
As opposites attract so act outgoing once in a while. At the same time, be reserved and mysterious sometimes! Keep him guessing and leave him puzzled! This will heighten his excitement to know you and push him to ask you out!

Touch Him
If you have become friends with him, then in between the conversations, touch him innocently. Like pat on his knee while laughing or touch his forearm while talking. This will give him subtle hints that you like him.

Flirting with a shy guy can sometimes bear no consequence i.e., he may not get the hints or may still not be confident enough to ask you out. In such a case, it is best that you tell him directly that you like him. Do not ask him out though, as it might overwhelm him! So, tell him that you like him and after that wait. It can be a long wait so be patient. If he likes you back and sees you as someone sweet and sensitive, he will ask you out, sooner or later! Knowing how caring and kind shy guys can be, the wait is worth it!

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