How to Escape a Toxic Relationship – 3 Steps to Success

Unfortunately, many people become involved in a toxic relationship, and they are suffering before they realize what has happened. Whatever the issue involved that cause the relationship to be hurtful, be it affairs, untreated addiction, or abusive behavior, this can leave the impacted partner feeling unworthy, inferior, incapable, and even crazy at times. This can set up a situation where the abused or damaged partner feels less and less able to break away even as the behavior of the toxic partner worsens. If you’ve decided it is best for you to leave such a relationship, this takes a lot of courage – and a lot of support to follow through. Here are 3 steps to successfully breaking away from a toxic relationship:

1. Make your physical and emotional well being the priority. Eat healthy meals, focusing on unprocessed, organic choices whenever possible. Take vitamins and supplements as needed – a fish oil and food based multivitamin is a good start for many people. See a naturopath to get a tailored supplement plan specific to your health needs. Implement a doctor approved exercise program, ideally centered on cardio workouts. This encourages endorphin release, which adds to a sense of well being. Taking care of yourself physically will support your emotional health by sending yourself the message that you are worthy of care. Your improved body image can also help increase your self esteem.

2. Surround yourself with your support network. Make sure you fill your social calendar with supportive, loving people who can support you and affirm your value. This will help you to reprogram the negative messages you received from the words and behavior of your toxic ex partner. Don’t hesitate to seek a counselor if your emotions seem unmanageable. A coach may also be a helpful support professional if you are looking to move forward and want to work on strategies to achieve goals.

3. Avoid contact with your toxic ex partner. This is especially important at first. A toxic relationship leaves you vulnerable, and your toxic ex partner is very likely to continue to use the tactics that worked on you before to draw you back or attain some influence or control. Give yourself time to heal and gain perspective. If you must have contact due to children, etc, stick to the topic that must be discussed and be ready to disengage if your ex tries to take things back to a personal level.

By the way, what is holding you back from making the best choices to achieve the life you deserve?

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