Ways To Ask A Guy To A Dance

On that Saturday eve when you’ll roamed the streets of the town and the sky was a honeyed golden hue, posters of the impending prom were strewn all over the walls along with some other news. A reading through the posters happened and a thought came to him suddenly. Stopped in his tracks, he did and lamented for the fact, half teasing, half serious – ‘I wonder what it feels like when a girl asks a guy to the dance’. Then he walked by casually. Amused as you were then, a devilish plan did start making way…he wanted you to ask him to the prom, and that is what you would do. All you needed were some cute ways to ask a guy to a dance and tada! End of sentence.

Hmm. Cute ways. Creative ways. Fun ways. That’s all that really matters. Now where are you going to go about getting those cute ways to ask a guy to a dance? Right here, my friend. Right here. There’s the sappy, there’s the mushy, there’s the impressive and there’s more where all that came from. And all you need to do is shift your focus onto the page and scroll down for the answers to what are the cute ways to ask a guy to a dance, and then, well…plan it.

Did anyone order for some cute and creative ways to ask a guy to a dance? Coming right up.

The Funny Card

So you’ll share a great sense of humor? Bowl him over with exactly that. Buy a plain card and write on the cover in bold neat handwriting …’Will you go to the prom (or wherever) with me’…and in the inside ‘What are you looking in here for, I already asked you to the dance, didn’t I?’ It’s cheeky, it’s funny and adorably cute, don’t you think?

For the Love of Drama

Let’s carry on the sense of humor while we are at it. So what you do is catch him while he’s just about entering his class and is in a hurry. You run over to him in great speed, pant, huff and build this whole dramatic scene showing that you are in a hurry as well and then hand him over this chit of paper and say you’ll catch up with him later. He’ll be so preoccupied with the huffing and puffing and the cryptic one that you just pulled on him, he won’t even see it coming. When he opens the chit and finds a cute little note that says – ‘Come to the dance with me, please?’ Or something to that effect. He’ll smile and look up and there you’ll be standing at the end of the hall, smiling as well. Then just wink, blow him a kiss and walk away.

A Message on the Hand

Wear a full sleeved shirt so that it covers your arms. Write on one of the arms – ‘Will you come to the dance with me?’. And then you stage this drama, while you guys are walking one eve or something, let him walk a little ahead of you and that is when you ‘pretend’ that you’ve fallen and scream, hold your hand like you’re in pain and when he pulls up the sleeve – drum roll please…the message, the message.

Trace it On

You have nails, you have hands. Here’s how you use them well. Get him to sit in one place and then simply trace the invitation onto his back. Cute huh? Or, or, or…just by the by, take a ball point pen and write on his palm. Plain and clear. Sometimes simple is just the best way to ask a guy to a dance.

Use a Pet

Use a pet…like if he has a dog or a cat, tie a ribbon around their neck with the invite neatly worded and folded and tied to the ribbon. Then let the dog or cat in and let them find the message for themselves. How to ask a guy to a dance…this one’s good enough.

Tape it On

Let’s do a neat spin on the treasure hunt game. If you’re a regular visitor to his home, find a place that is well hidden and not easily accessible. Then stick a note that asks him to join you for the dance. But how is he going to find it? When you get home, write him a small poem (very basic, very generic) giving him clues of where to find it. OK it doesn’t have to be a poem, it can even be a simple message.

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