7 Reasons Why Guys Hide Their Feelings

They feel vulnerable
Most men are reluctant to bare their souls and talk about their inner feelings, emotions, fears, dreams and hopes because they feel that it would leave them vulnerable. This is why they cling to their innermost feelings and are unwilling to open up.

They are less emotional than women
Women tend to think nothing of sharing their deepest feelings with the man they love. They are highly emotional and want to reveal their heart’s desires as quickly as possible. However, men are not like this. They tend to abhor the thought of spilling their thoughts to anyone! They tend to be less emotional and more reserved.

They fear of being thought of as a sissy
Sometimes a man feels that if he told a woman everything – his hopes, fears, dreams and aspirations, then he could look like a sissy or even foolish. He feel embarrassed at the thought of giving voice to his feelings easily. This makes him reluctant to share his thoughts even to the woman he is dating.

They need to feel independent
It is natural for men to feel independent and “strong”. The thought of unburdening his deepest feelings and insecurities would make him as “weak and vulnerable” as anyone else! This natural urge to remain independent and stronger than anyone else will stop him from being too open.

They need to trust first
Women go with their gut feelings and instincts. If she feels like talking, she will! This is not so with men who need to first trust! Only if he feels that he can trust a woman enough to let her know everything about him, will he open up and bare his soul. If he does not fully trust her, wild horses wouldn’t make him confess!

They need to be convinced of your feelings
Just as a man needs to first trust his woman implicitly and wholeheartedly before he can open up and share his feelings, they also need to know if she loves him deeply and trusts him back. Only then he would be encouraged and motivated to tell her personal things.

They are reluctant to give themselves away
Men are naturally more reluctant to give themselves away because they need to know that in doing so, they will not face any kind of rejection. Unless and until they are convinced that they will be accepted and loved no matter what – they will refuse to open up.

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