Reading a Man’s Body Language

There are many like Julia who would love to know what goes inside the minds of the guys they are interested in! Now, who says women are complicated? Males can also be equally confusing to some! Well, in the game of love, it helps to be equipped with certain tips to find your love interest. There are various ways through which you can know about signs of male attraction. Reading a man’s body language can help any girl to gauge his basic thoughts. Mind you! There are no basic rules to any relationship. However, it doesn’t hurt to be equipped with certain basics of the love game! Here are some ways to decipher certain signs of male attraction.


Basic Signs of Male Attraction

Hmm. The first way to gauge if you have finally caught his attention is eye contact. It is obvious when a man is attracted towards you; he is bound to look into your eyes. He may glance at you from across the room or look steadily into your eyes. Establishing an eye contact is one of the ways you can use to know about his intention. A long, lingering gaze with a smile on his face means you have caught his interest and is a sign of romantic attraction!

Reading a man’s body language can reveal many interesting things. Does he lean towards you more often? Does he stand too close to you? If he often finds excuses to be with you and leans towards you in this manner, it only says his intentions are being more than just friends!

He may try to smoothen his shirt or runs his fingers through his hair with a broad smile. He tidies his clothes subconsciously because he wants to look good in your company. These are all those little signs of body language he may not even be aware of. He may also fiddle with his watch or tie!

If you observe him closely, you might even notice a sudden change of manners. An immediate need to be polite is a sure sign he does want to impress you. A friend who turns into a sudden gentleman is a sure sign he’s hooked onto you! A man who minds his manners and holds the door open for the lady shows his attraction towards that lady and the efforts he is making for her!

Does he flirt with you indirectly? Making a subtle physical contact indicates his increasing interest in you! For example, he may lay his hand over your shoulder in a protective way or he may hold your hand in a modest way.

Observing a man’s body language would reveal a whole lot of things! However, communication is the best way to solve such relationship issues. These clues are an indication to what he feels but by clear communication, it would always help you to know each other on a higher level. Here’s hoping your crush likes you! Best of luck!

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