How To Talk To Men Online?

How many times has it happened that you are online and chatting with your friends and acquaintances and suddenly there goes a pop (read ping or an instant message) from not so familiar a guy. Just out of sheer curiosity and some courteousness and sometimes even boredom, you reply. That’s it! A long and interesting chat session ensues, needless to say continuing till late. I have noticed and heard that girls sometimes do not talk to girls in online chat rooms, (either ways, guys are always fun, isn’t it!?) of course, barring the fact that when the girls are buddies. But ladies, while we talk to men online day in and day out (most us at least), there are a few tricks regarding how to talk to men online, which we sometimes completely ignore! In case you needed some brushing up on that, we are going to give that to you!

How Do You Talk to Men Online

A few things here and there and handling the conversation with tact and an idea about online dating and the like and you are all set to have a pretty decent conversation!

Keep it Under Wraps

Girls do tend to go overboard with their gregariousness, about everything and more so when it comes to feelings. Avoid flooding the guy with all the information about yourself and what image you have created of him and stuff. If you know that guy personally, then the scenario changes. You can be a bit open. In case it is a stranger, it is better to part with minimum information, though without being rude or impolite and of course dishonest. This of course does not mean that you have to lie. That guy can turn out to be a nice guy and you would not want to lose out on that, right? This is a very crucial piece of online dating advice for women!

Pretense, the best Defense!

It is fun while chatting with men online to pretend. However, try this only if you know that guy and he seems to have a thing for you. Pretending is the only way my dear ladies to fathom what is going on in the guy’s mind if he is contemplating a relationship! Act as if you haven’t a clue as to what he is talking about! It is amazing to see how guys too then beat around the bush!

LOL – For a Pathetic Sense of Humor

Yes, ladies, this is cardinal rule in dating advice for women as well as how to talk to men online. Even if the joke is a product of a miserable attempt at humor by the guy, put a smiley or a ‘lol’. To encourage him, you yourself can shoot some funny questions to ask a guy. The reason? Well, guys like to nurture their egos and if a girl responds to their sense of humor (however bad it is), it makes them feel good! The bottom line, avoid saying anything which will hurt his ego! If your ego isn’t a gigantic one!

No Fast and Furious

While you talk to men online, take it easy women! Rushing into things will be a huge catastrophe ladies! Take it slow! Don’t jump to conclusions and don’t spill the beans at once! Even if you are getting a few hints, things about how to talk to men say that you should take it on the face value as much as you can. Take things as they come. You would not want to repent later, right? You will know get to know more about it in search related to Internet dating etiquette.

Interested? Yes Of course

Another important rule about how to talk to guys online is to show interest in at least a few things he is interested in. That will help you know him better and keep the conversation going well. Of course you can share your interests too! Guys instantly get chatty and brighten if you show even an iota of things like soccer, baseball, cars, bikes and the like! Brush up some nice things to say, just in case!

Well, these are some of the things I myself have observed and have sometimes even done, take that as online dating advice! Okay! Jokes apart when you are looking at how to talk to men about feelings, timing and tact are the two words which are you should remember as you would Prada and Gucci! Oh and if you have a web camera, just turn it on and you don’t even have to say anything!

I hope these mantras on how to talk to men online have thrown light on online chatting with men or perhaps even how talk to men actually too! I log off here! Have fun chatting!

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