Why Men Don’t Leave Their Wives?

For most cheating husbands, the relationships with their mistresses are considered as a sidekick to their mediocre marriages. Most cheating men do still treasure the warmth and support that their families provide them. To most cheaters, an affair is just a fantasy bubble that provides a different spice to their marriages. That is basically how most cheating husbands view their affairs.

There are two types of cheating men. First, there are cheating men who do not make empty promises to their mistresses. They tend to make it very clear that they are only in their affairs for a good time and without any attachment. The second type of cheating men are men who make empty promises to their mistresses that one day in the future they will eventually have a divorce with their wives. Majority of these cheating men will ended up being liars. Their empty promises are only meant to persuade their mistresses, so their empty promises will give their mistresses unrealistic and false hope as something they can look forward to in the future.

The main reason that these cheating men give empty promises is because the last thing they want from their affairs is a paranoid, bitter, depressed and hysterical mistress who is fully capable of turning these cheaters’ marriages into a total mess. For most cheating men, the excitement and thrill they received from their affairs are not worth the potential risk and trouble that would jeopardize their marriages. If a mistress did something that gives the cheating man an impression that she could ruin his marriage, he will quickly try to end the affair and return to his wife and family. For most cheating men, the idea of leaving their marriages for their mistresses is rarely a viable option. There is too much at stake for filing a divorce! Generally speaking, society does not tolerate, encourage, or bless relationships that derived from an affair. If a man leaves his family to be with his mistress, besides the devastating loss of his adorable family and precious home; his reputation will also goes down the drain along with his marriage. However, in rare cases, there are husbands who were unhappy with their marriages and eventually left their wives for their mistresses.

For most cheating husbands, when they are being cornered to make a decision between filing a divorce or to end their affairs, most cheaters tend to choose the latter. Surprisingly, to most cheating husbands, family still comes first! Cheating husbands are greedy and selfish. They want their wives to be a Susie Homemaker, and their mistresses to be a devilish and sexy lover. They often look at their affairs as a temporary escape from their marriages. Cheating husbands tend to look for passion, romance, admiration and excitement that no longer exist in their marriages. However, passion, romance and excitement don’t last forever. Passion and romance without a foundation of true love will fade away sooner or later. When the thrill, excitement and passion from their affairs have faded, most cheating men want to end their affairs and return to their lovely families. Cheating husbands tend to have similar mentalities; they all want something exciting from their affairs and once they had enough; they would want to return to their marriages and families.

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