Soulmate Signs

The dictionary defines the word ‘soul’ as being something eternal and indomitable, and the dictionary meaning of the word ‘mate’ is one of a matched pair. It is said that the purpose of our existence is to unite with our other half and complete each other like the yin-yang. It is incredible when two entities seemingly polar are interconnected and are destined to come together in seemingly subtle elan. Soulmate signs are sometimes difficult to decipher and at times are obvious to our subconscious mind. There have been many great tales about love and sacrifice and each talks about different signs of finding true love.

Cosmic Plan
Many believe that the coming together of two people is the work of a power greater than us. There is no known book written about the formula or the science of finding a soulmate. We can only conjecture how two people come together and unite in an inconceivable manner. When asked what is love, well, for a lucky few, the first look was enough and for others it happens over time. Today our thinking is influenced by television and we think that when we see our soulmate, things will move in slow motion. Others imagine the whole cosmos will give signs of a soulmate, by parting the dark clouds and getting the flowers to bloom. Although there is no denying that this might happen, some real life incidents tell a different story. Some of the signs that people recount of meeting their soulmate are fascinating and surreal.

  • There is an uncanny feeling that we would do anything in our power to make this person happy or to be with this person. Love compatibility is the first time we feel that we don’t want anything – we just want to give, a reminder that love is unconditional. You feel an instantaneous connect with the other and get a feeling that if you were together, only then will you feel complete.
  • In our chaotic lives we experience ‘peace amidst the storm’ when we are with our soulmate. We get a feeling of being covered in a force shield right out of Star Wars, which will protect us and keep us from harm. A feeling of being safe and secure which, some only, experience in their mothers womb.
  • Intuition is a feeling science fails to explain, but can be experienced when we see our soulmate. Just by looking at them we feel like surrendering our ‘will and life’ to them without a moments hesitation. A notion that you were predestined to be together forever, in and beyond the realms of life.
  • The eyes are believed to be the windows to our soul and when you are with your soulmate, you can’t seem to disengage their gaze. The eyes speak what the heart wants to say and the words have meaning only your partner understands. The signs of being in love are only intelligible to each other.
  • One undeniable soulmate signs is ‘purity’, when you think about your mate, there is no manipulation, no coercion and no lies. The relationship is open, conversations flow on for hours. You become oblivious to the universe around you and your soulmate is the center of your attention.

When you say ‘baby I will do anything for you’ the other person experiences to the core of their being, the feelings and sincerity of the words. Trust and acceptance are the epitomes of finding a soulmate, without these there is no succeeding. The soulmate signs are incomprehensible due to their personal and spiritual nature. The only thing you can pray for is that your mind listens w

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