How To Make A Guy Feel Good About Himself

Of course it hurts to see the man you love and care about feel so down and unhappy about himself. Thus, you are researching about how to make a guy feel good about himself. This is very kind and a move in the right direction – because kindness in a relationship is arguably one of the most important elements towards creating a beautiful, harmonious and everlasting relationship. Good for you.

The key to helping a man feel good about himself is to be happily quiet and silent. Don’t say much to him. Leave him to stew and take care of his own thoughts. Giving him the time and space to take care of himself is probably one of the best ways to help a man earn back his own self-esteem. Treating him like an invalid – someone who can’t help himself and needs to be rescued is probably one of the most insulting and demeaning ways to treat a man you love. It’s bad enough that he’s down in the dumps. But your attempts to help him out of his own mess signals to him that you think he is a hopeless case who doesn’t even have the ability to get out of the pit he has created by himself. There’s no way he’s going to feel good about himself like that!

Be warned. Even if you manage to help him get back on his feet, inwardly, he may resent you – because you have robbed him of the opportunity to prove to himself that he is a strong, resilient, independent man. That he doesn’t need you to be his crutch. That he can do it by himself.

Hence, the best thing you can do while he is feeling bad about himself, is to do what you can to keep yourself happy. Don’t let his mood affect you too much. Two unhappy people only makes matters worse. Keep your mood light and spirits ups. Let him handle his own catastrophes and disasters while you manage your own emotions. He’s happier when you are happy. Knowing that he can still make you smile will boost his ego more than you can ever imagine.

Ultimately, if you really want to know how to make a guy feel good about himself, treat him like the man and hero he wants to be. Don’t mother him as if he were a little boy. No man can feel good about being treated as childish. Men dream of being the hero who saves the day, not a little whimpering boy who doesn’t have the courage and ability to take care of himself. Seeing the best in him while he can’t is the best way for you to help a man feel good about himself.

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