Ending A Relationship Gracefully

Women, we are easily hurt by those relationships we have that does not work out well. We tend to work on things just to forget about it or sometimes we want to end our lives which will eventually not the solution. How do we end up a relationship in which we will not be hurt so much?

Can anyone be good enough to forget the hurt that has gone through the relationship? This question that must be analyzed between a man and a woman who have ended the relationship they had with one another. How graceful we are to accept the fact that we are not so perfect enough to plan every step in our relationship with a man.

How do you end up a relationship with a good manner?

Humility to say that I’m wrong and to act as sincere apologetically if you really are must be a characteristic to have to speak with each other again and be friends afterwards. There is goodness in every man and woman as well we have a forgiving heart for others specially our love ones.

Love, we do it because you care for the person’s feeling. Love him even though there is no relationship anymore. Tell him that you can still be friends no matter what, it just that the feeling is not their anymore.

Understanding, you understand him as a person who still needs to be taken into mind because he is still a part of you after all.

What are the things that can cause your break ups?

Indifference is part of man’s nature nowadays we don’t mind if we already hurt a person’s feeling.

Love for a third party, you are infidel with your partner, not respecting her rights as your girlfriend who needs loyalty.

The feeling is already gone, I cared about you but I don’t have the feelings that glows in my heart anymore that you are the man for me.

Many reasons we can make to hide the break ups to ourselves, we often ask, what is wrong with me? It is intuitive way of human beings to question when things go wrong. But will there be any difference? Nothing, so you must think of a solution and become a better person that you are:

Break ups in mutual feelings has always been hard simply because no human in his right mind will want to hurt a persons feeling telling her or him that we cannot be together; I’m not meant for you.

But how will you really pass the message if there is no third parties involve yet you just want to break up, because it is how you feel?

It is very easy to do wrong things, right? But the consequences are very hard to bear. So why don’t you just tell the right thing to do even it hurts.

Truth really hurts but eventually this will be healed by time itself and you will realize that there is no problem in telling them. If loving you may mean I will go away then I will set you free, this is called the selfless love, this may not be grasped fully by our minds but this is a blessing to say that I hate you than to say I love you when you really don’t.

Constant communication with the guy even though it is hard to do after the break up will eventually smooth out the relationship not like those who wanted to run away for the rest of their lives just to escape their ruined relationship with someone else.

Love may not be as romantic this moment but you can do it as friends, friendship is a fundamental move to say I care for you even if we are not meant to be. Loving is really a sacrifice, but there are certain rewards in the end. Learn from your mistakes and move on there is something that can make you happier than sticking to a relationship that never had love after all.

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