How To Kiss A Guy?

A kiss, when all is said, what is it?
A rosy dot placed on the “i” in loving;
‘Tis a secret told to the mouth instead of to the ear
- Edmond Rostand

Your hand starts sweating, you turn pale just like the December snow, all you can hear is a buzzing sound and nothing else, as you take the first step towards the guy. No matter how much you ask your mind to shut up, you simply cannot stop thinking to yourself, what if I fail, what if I cannot do it in the last minute, what if…

When kissing someone for the first time, all sorts of thoughts like what if he does not like your kiss, what if he does not want to kiss you back, what if you are really bad at kissing, what if you embarrass yourself while kissing, etc., keep popping up in your mind again and again. You keep wondering about various kissing techniques, positions and also, which one you should go for. These thoughts make you nervous in what should be a happy moment. Isn’t it better to be locked up in a room with all the scariest things in the world, rather than taking the risk of kissing the guy of your dreams and then embarrassing yourself or proving out to be a bad kisser. Does that mean…? No! No! Don’t worry. That does not mean that you will be one of those old ladies who had never kissed someone before except maybe a flying kiss to their cats. There are some kissing tips for beginners with which you can overcome your fear of kissing a guy, and one such way is learning how to kiss a guy for the first time, coolly, without any fear.

Kissing A Guy Step By Step

OK, so you are there with the guy whom you have been wanting to kiss since the time you met him. There he is standing right next to you, smiling at you, talking to you, holding your hands and staring at you with those ocean blue eyes of his. You simply cannot resist kissing him, but at the same time, you are not sure whether or not he will want to kiss you back. Just follow these ‘how to kiss a guy step by step instruction’ and be assured that you will succeed. The first thing that you have to keep in mind while learning how to kiss a guy is, that you should be absolutely sure that he is into you as much you are. Imagine! The guy just sees you as a friend and when you lean forward to kiss him, thinking that he likes you just the way you do, the guy goes… ‘WHOA’, and trust me when I say that this ‘whoa’ is not the same as ‘WOW’. So be careful here. You do not want to scare off the guy, right?

The next kissing tip for girls is, make the guy realize that you want to kiss him. Guys are not mind readers that they can figure out from your thoughts that you would simply love to kiss him. Also, it might happen that the guy is even more scared than the girl when it comes to kissing her. He probably wants her to take the first step. So send him signals that you want to kiss him, and if he has the brains, then he will reciprocate. Have an open attitude and do not stand in front of him with your arms crossed, which shows a defensive attitude. Take care of your body language. Lean towards him and sit real close to him and if he still does not get the idea, then lock hands with him and show him in a mute language that you are into him.

Another thing is that you should give an indication to the guy and not just jump the gun. First look into his eyes, and then his lips, and then his eyes again, and finally lean in. This is the ‘I want to kiss you signal’. And if the guy shows the same signal, then it’s your day dear! Just go ahead and kiss him.

How To Kiss A Guy Passionately?

Finally, now you know how to kiss a guy, and you have learned how to be a good kisser, but do you really know how to kiss passionately for the first time? If you do, then Kudos! But if not, don’t worry, this article will tell you all about it.

While you start kissing the guy, ‘focus’! Don’t think about any random stuff, except for the kiss. Part your lips slightly if you are not ready for an open mouthed kiss. But, if you are looking for a passionate kiss, keep your mouth open and explore. Open mouthed kisses are a big turn on. Knowing how to french kiss will help your case. So while kissing passionately, DO NOT purse your lips and spoil the whole beauty of the action.

While kissing passionately, many people are confused as to what they should do with their hands. Here’s a tip. When you are kissing, instead of keeping your hands by your side, put them around him or on his neck. You can even keep it on both sides of his face. I mean that’s up to you, where you place it, but just do not keep it by your side or behind you. Hold him and make him never want to leave you again.

How To Kiss A Guy With Braces?

If you are thinking that a guy with braces is a bad kisser, you are wrong girls. Just make sure that while kissing the guy, you do not hurt yourself and also the soreness that the person with braces usually suffer from, is gone. Keep it slow at the beginning and do not hurry and cut your tongue against the braces. That’s how to kiss a guy with braces.

If you were expecting this article to be about what to do once you start kissing, I am sorry to break your bubble, as that is not what this all about. That comes naturally, while you are kissing. This article is all about how to kiss a guy without getting scared and nervous. Have you got the steps? Are you sure that the guy is really into you? Then what are you waiting for? Do not worry about being bad at it, cause if you do something with feelings, then you will never be bad at it. Trust me! And oh! Before I forget, make sure that while kissing, you use breath mint and that you do not have any chewing gum in your mouth. Otherwise… you know the consequences, no need to elaborate.

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