How To Be A Better Lover?

In an online search to find out how to be a better lover, ironically, THREE major search results tend to arise. First, there is talk of male premature ejaculation or how to get a bigger penis size.

Next, there are more results which highlight how to have MORE sexual activity. Yet, third, final, and most rare of all results is discussion about how to increase:

– Communication;

– Intimacy;

– Contentment.

Can you see that perhaps average couples or individuals tend to overemphasize the “sport” or physical activity performance segment of love making? With the highest rate of relationship breakups occurring in year 2011, year 2012 and beyond can only deliver romantic partnership improvements via the adoption of new sensual awareness.

Put simply, very few people know the INSIDE methods recommended on how to be a better lover. Relationships are dying, and the sadder part is that such romantic failure occurs WITHOUT the intention or beyond the control of its participants. Granted, men and women have their slight differences in how to interpret what love-making SHOULD entail.

For example, the majority of ladies STILL report that a phone call, a caress, or even a literal, handwritten note of appreciation gives them much of the psychological and emotional reward they expect to receive from romantic involvement.

Shockingly, this fact STILL exists in spite of the truth that a HUGE number of men almost never think about touching a woman unless the direct sexual act is involved.

Surely this writing points no fingers at either gender for the faulty condition of emotional unity. In fact, today’s writing invites you to bring to the table a slightly different type of romantic awareness.

Think of it for a moment. Exactly what was your very FIRST reaction to the phrase, “how to be a better lover?”

More importantly, do you now practice any of the time-honored tenets of togetherness or courtship?

The saving grace of new romantic awareness is this. The so-called “secrets” of better lovemaking are, and have been openly available for your romantic consumption for quite some time now.

Yet, unfortunately, the adage of “leading a horse to water” may apply in your grasp of comprehensive relationship improvement technique. In other words, there are sets of definite actions that you can choose, which bring predictably satisfying results to the romance table.

Such knowledge equally represents ROMANTIC and physical performance power, as well.

Thus, no longer do you need to short-change yourself by settling for the latest “quantity” or “size-improvement” fad in lieu of a lasting plus reliable love-making solution.

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