Fun Questions To Ask A Guy You Like

Fun Questions to Ask a Guy You Like Through Texting Him
The following fun questions to ask a guy you like, can be asked through chat conversations or as text messages, because there is nothing else that can be learnt from the guy’s body language while he answers them.

  • “If you could have one superpower, what would it be?”
  • “What do you like watching the most on television?”
  • “Who’s played the most influential part in your life?”
  • “Who or which band do you like listening to, the most?”
  • “Which movie would you like to watch again and again?”

Fun Questions to Ask a Guy to Get to Know Him
If you’re really serious about someone and would really like to know more about them (Face it girls, its more like know every tiny, teensy-weensy, wee bits about every moment he spent breathing on this Earth.), then these fun questions to get to know someonemight just help you. Just remember, these fun questions come after you’ve passed the friendship stage and are very comfortable with each other.

  • “What exactly is your idea of ‘your type of girl’.”
  • “What’s your biggest turn on?”
  • “What’s the one thing you would do, if you were able to do it?”
  • “Have you ever had any strong feelings for anyone before?”
  • “Do you see yourself committing to anyone?”

Fun Questions to Ask a Guy You’re Interested In
If you’re interested in a guy, the idea is to let him know in subtle ways. The problem with guys is their tendency to run away from good things, so these fun questions to ask a guy will help you gauge his interest in you. Use these as good first date questions.

  • “Who’s your most loyal friend?” or “Do you consider us to be really good friends?”
  • “Do you see yourself falling in love?”
  • “Are you a faithful kind of person?”
  • “Can I trust you with my secrets?”
  • “I like you enough to ask you to go out with me. Do you like me enough to say yes?”

Fun Questions to Ask a Guy On the Phone
You will need these fun questions when you want to indulge in long overs over the phone. Get to know each other better with a game of twenty questions.

  • “Have you ever been high?”
  • “Have you ever been kissed like you blew the top off your head?”
  • “Do you believe in God?”
  • “Where’s your favorite place in the whole world?”
  • “What’s your best memory of us, in the three months that we know each other?”

Fun Questions to Ask a Guy You’ve Just Met
These can turn into sassy pick up lines or just questions to set the ball rolling. Use them to cut out the awkward silences between two strangers.

  • “I like talking to handsome guys, do you share the same sentiment for hot girls?”
  • “What talent would you like to show me today?”
  • What’s the bravest things you’ve ever done? For me it’s coming to talk to you.
  • “I am an extrovert, what about you?”
  • “You’re cute, do you think we can hit it off?”

Fun Question to Ask a Guy to See if He Likes You Enough to Commit
When you’re dating someone for long, these questions should give you an idea if he’s really interested and playing for keeps, or if you’re just a passing interest.

  • “What do you think of me?”
  • “Would you accept if I asked you to commit to me?”
  • “Can you see yourself spending a lifetime with me?”
  • “What do I mean to you?”
  • “Can you see me with you in your future life?”

Fun Questions to Ask a Guy You’ve Been Seeing for Long
These are basically fun questions to ask your boyfriend, when you think it’s about time you took the relationshipanother step further.

  • “Would you like to give me my breakfast in bed?”
  • “Do you tell your friends about what we do together?”
  • “What should I have for you to love me forever?”
  • “If I question you about a lie, what would you explain?”
  • “Are you open for a live-in arrangement?”

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