Bonding Activities For Couples

Taking each other for granted is one of the most common sins that couples commit when they are in a relationship. This leads to strained relationships and in some cases couples drift so far apart that they don’t come back together. Avoid this pitfall of relationship and indulge in some bonding activities to iron away some of the wrinkles in your relationship.

If you love each other it is advisable that you go the extra mile to ensure that your bond stays strong forever more. Restore the closeness in your relationship today, by starting off with simple things like telling your partner how much you value and care for them. The next step would be to make some time and space to rekindle and strengthen your relationship ties.

Lot of people think that this would mean taking a holiday and spending loads of money. Well the reality is that you just need each other and nothing else for couple bonding activities. This may come as a surprise for some but you can do some simple things in the house as part of your bonding activity. Just rubbing your partners back in the bathtub and reminiscing about the good old days is a great start. Here are a few other great activities for couples that you could explore.

Create Something
Download some carpentry plans from the Internet and go to the market together to buy the supplies needed for executing the project. Building something together is a unique experience and will allow you to focus on each others strengths. One thing to remember here is that the task is to bond, creating something is secondary, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t good with carpentry skills.

Solve a Puzzle
To signify that you are getting to know each other piece by piece, get a puzzle from the market and solve it. Open a bottle of wine put on some soothing music in the background and start unraveling the puzzle and along with it the reasons for your differences and togetherness.

Sense Appeal
One of the best ways to bond together as a couple, is to give each other a soothing massage. The idea is to give your partner physical relief from the aches and pains of daily grind and preparing the atmosphere for healing the spirit. Appeal to all the senses, smell, sight, sound, touch, and taste when you take on this activity, Put flower petals on the mat, light scented candles, have chocolates around, put some romantic music and use your loving touch.

Movie Magic
Going for a drive-in movie is very romantic and can be a very healing experience for your relationship. Set the mood right with things like buying your partner a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates which you can share if they are calorie-conscious. Cuddle up when you drive in for the movie and then surprise your partner with a small gift.

Dirty Dancing
Take a cue from the reality show ‘dancing with the stars’ and use dance as a bridge to come together and form an unbreakable bond. Enroll together for dance classes, choose some passionate dance style like ‘Salsa’. Remind yourself that along with the dancing you are also learning to appreciate your partner and contribute more to the relationship.

Thrills ‘N’ Chills
People say that a near-death experience changes you and you learn to appreciate what you have more than ever before. To create a controlled near death experience is to enroll yourself in a skydiving course or go bungee jumping. Infuse some adventure and fun in your life as you learn to bond better with your partner.

Watching your favorite TV show together cuddled in a blanket with a bowl of popcorn and the room lit with a sole flickering candle will also work like magic. The idea is to make the effort and let someone else worry about the results. After all, it’s not about the destination it’s the journey that counts.

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