French Kissing Tips

Tip 1: Relax and enjoy the kiss

When you are nervous or tense your partner will feel this in your kiss and be able to see it because of your body language. So you need to stay relaxed. When you are worried you will not be able to concentrate on the French kiss. This can prove disastrous. You don’t want to be thinking about something else while you are kissing your partner. So it is important to relax and respond naturally. This will help you partner to relax too.

Tip 2: Variety

Vary your kissing so that your partner will not know exactly what you will do next. You want to experiment with the pressure of your lips and the speed of the kiss. Don’t get sloppy or to eager. Just find out what your partner and you like without going overboard.

Tip 3: Come up for air once in a while

You will need to come up for air every once in a while because no one will enjoy kissing when they can’t breathe. You can kiss other areas lightly such as the neck while you are catching your breath. Then start the French kissing again.

Tip 4: Use your whole body

Put your hands on your partners back or hips. When you hold your body stiffly you will be making your partner feel the same way. Remember that it is important to relax. Don’t get overly sexual but make sure that your body is not stiff.

Tip 5: Let it flow naturally

The best French kisses will come naturally between you and your partner. When you and your partner are relaxed the kiss will naturally flow where you want it to go.

Follow these French kissing tips and you will be better at French kissing in no time. It may take you some time but you will know when you have it right because your partner will love to be kissed by you anytime.

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