You Want Him To Be The One

He has denied starting a relationship with you and you feel like you’ve been rejected as a woman, that you’re not beautiful enough, or that it’s the work of old evil Mr destiny. Why is it so hard for us to reason things in the positive way? Couldn’t it be that he’s just not the one?

If man and woman are meant to be one at some point in their life, why do we doubt it every now and again? If you’re single and you’re looking for Mr Right – The name is already a big hint – he’s right for you. It shouldn’t be complicated to be with him.

And yet, many single women force a relationship that isn’t meant to be. Whenever the guy leaves for someone else, or doesn’t want to come back, or simply shows no interest in you should already tell you that this is not meant to be. Wouldn’t it be easier and more dignified just to leave it that and be available for the right one to come along?

Our emotional state is not a playground for silly games of love. We’re not made of steal, ready for heartbreak every 6 months or once a year. It’s too much to endure and then put up a brave face to world, as if you were just having fun. It’s not fun to be in and out of relationships, let’s be serious.

The right man for you is somewhere out there, far or near, it doesn’t matter, he’s somewhere. You’ll both meet when the time is right, and that is where you need to work on in your life, making the most out of it. The right time means you’re ready for a real relationship. Your goals are set and you’re both happy with yourselves. No baggage from the past or fears and insecurities hanging anywhere. You’re free to start something that will endure your whole life.

Whilst you’re in this ‘waiting room’, take care of yourself. Be the right woman for Mr Right. Remove those old habits that usually spoil a relationship. Invest in your inner beauty. There’s so much that we can do for ourselves in order to be better and more pleasant to be with, why not take the time and effort into something that will bring us everlasting joy?

The inside beauty comes outdoors making us the woman we were meant to be.

In faith,

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