Creative Ways To Ask A Guy To A Dance

The looming fear of rejection is always the reason why we girls lose out on the best men around. What if you would have asked him out? The answer could be yes too. But, the ingrained fear leaves little room for confidence and rationality. The million dollar question of how to approach a guy will be answered if you deal with your fear. So, if you are looking for creative ways to ask a guy to a dance, look no further! The key to being creative is to think simple. Simplicity is always valued above ostentatious ways of asking out guys. Let us see what it will it take to get a yes for an answer.

Fun Ways to Ask a Guy to a Dance

Treasure Hunt

Clichéd as it may sound, but a small treasure hunt is your solution for how to ask a guy out. Study his backyard well and make a note of about 3 – 4 places to hide your clues. Think of massively cute and romantic clues and hide them in the right places. The next morning deliver the first note that will get the hunt started, to your partner’s doorstep. Make sure the clue is the invitation and has your number on it. Be ready for a totally thrilled call from your partner within half an hour!!

Chasing Cars

If how to get noticed, still seems like a hard nut to crack, try this one out of ideas for asking a guy to a dance. Borrow you kid brother’s remote control car. Hide behind a tree or the fence. Stick the invitation on top of the car. Knock his door with the car and pull it back. When he answers the door, drive up the car and deliver the invitation.

Cake Walk

Creative ways to ask a guy to a dance can’t get any more creative than this. Bake a cake for him (evidently his favorite flavor!!). Wrap up your message in an aluminum foil and place it below the frosting, so that he finds it with the first couple of bites. Doesn’t that seem like a cake walk?!

Secret Admirer

Send your crush a recorded tape. The message can be:

Your date, should you choose to accept it, will be with ________ at _________ (time) on ________ (day). You will be picked up by a person wearing ________. Your date will feel like s/he may self-destruct if you do not reply by ________.

Don’t give away your name. It will be fun to play the secret admirer until the D-day!

Until Death Do Us Apart

You will have to rope in a friend to make this one out of creative ways to ask a guy to a dance work out for you. Implement this trick sometime in the night. Ask a friend of yours to draw your outline in his driveway. Leave a note there saying, I’d die a thousand lives to go for just one dance with you. Make sure you also leave your name and number. This trick can turn out to be quite a fatal attraction!


Get a lot of wanted posters printed with the dance invitation on it. Have a proper wanted notice printed on it. Stick it all over his backyard and the driveway. Offer a reward when he calls you or comes over. I don’t think I need to explain what the reward should be!!

These were some of the creative ways to ask a guy to a dance. These cute antics will make him fall head over heels for you, which is why he will not say no. So, pull up your socks, gather all your grit and gumption and get ready to share a close dance with him. Good luck!

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